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You can enjoy the process of learning Mandarin!

It’s easy to hate learning Mandarin language. And it’s also easy to hate learning calculus and organic chemistry, mostly because others have said it’s too hard.

Learning Mandarin in a formal classroom has no way to make us enjoy the process of learning. If your language class is filled with grammar or vocabulary drill, you have a very good reason to hate learning a new language. Let’s Look at how children learn a new language in a immersive environment.

The teacher use Mandarin (the target language) only, and the kids followed the instruction to perform all the tasks. They don’t learn language through grammar or drill, and they just enjoy it.

This may be applied to children, but it is too childish and naive for adults to learn Mandarin in this way.

Considering of this, ALG (Automatic Language Growth) provides you the immersive language class for adult learners. We try to engage you in comprehensible inputs with mature cognition, which you can understand all the contents and immerse yourself in a Mandarin environment.

You can register as a free member to join our online class, and pay for more classes to grow your Mandarin.

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