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Top 5 Free Resources to Learn Chinese in 2021 and 2022

Language is one of the most complex skills that human beings can acquire. This statement is more accurate about learning ...
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Healthy Aging through Learning a New Language in a Better Way

Learning a new language we can reduce the risks of getting some of the most common age-related symptoms and diseases ...
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New HSK 3.0 is not the perfect guideline for learning Chinese

"Teaching to the test" is a colloquial term for any method of education whose curriculum is heavily focused on preparing ...
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Comprehensible Inputs Facilitate Listening and Speaking skills

Language teacher utilize activities that integrate all four skills because they assume that each reinforces the other, and two of ...
Monty's Algae

Monty’s Algae: How This Simple Analogy Explains the Core Concepts of ALG (Automatic Language Growth)

ALG, short for automatic language growth, might sound like the informal term for a diverse group of photosynthetic organisms called ...
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Chinese grammar could be learned without learning

People believe that second language learners need grammar to speak and write, thus almost every language programs have more or ...
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Learning Chinese Online: Synchronous and Asynchronous

Online learning has changed the way language learners around the world are learning Mandarin. People used to learn Chinese by ...
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Does Practice Make Perfect? a Chinese Story for learning new languages

“Practice makes perfect.” It would be equal to an Chinese idiom “熟能生巧”, which may be true for piano learners, but ...