About ALG Mandarin Online

About Magic Ship

Since the start of the pandemic, we have offered online classes to help Chinese learners around the world. Inspired by Dr. J. Marvin Brown and ALG (Automatic Language Growth) programs in Thailand, our team consists of native Chinese educators and international language learning experts. We provides an alternative way to learn Mandarin online.


Magic Ship was founded in 2021 by Dicky. Dicky can speak a lot of languages and has gone through different types of language learning. One of them to impressed Dicky is the ALG program in Thailand. He has a PhD in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and he realized the structured language course is not necessary helping students at all. Baring that in mind, he was aware there is no any Chinese class like ALG program. He was disappointed by the options available to Chinese learners for Chinese classes.


Rather than sit by idly and wait, Dicky had an idea: start his own Chinese school! Dicky knew who is the most experienced can guide how to teach, so he started with online class on zoom and built a team with the same vision and passion for Chinese. Since the covid-19, much more students choose to learn Chinese online. They help students learn Chinese in a better way. And they are committed to offering the highest quality of ALG Chinese classes and teaching students to speak Chinese like a local.

Team for learning Chinese online course
Team for learning Chinese online course

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