About the Chinese/Mandarin Language

Here are some collections for you to learn Chinese by yourself. All the material can be used to evaluated your current level.

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21 Essential Chinese Phrases for Newbies and Travelers

Whether you are an beginner at Chinese, a traveler planning to visit China or places like Hong Kong and Taiwan ...
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Chinese Measure Words that You must Know

Measure words,or classifiers, in Chinese are used before every noun. Most of Chinese measure words are not difficult to some ...

Chinese Numbers 1-100

Chinese numbers from 1-100 can be learned easily if put them together a table. I’m sure you’ll notice a trend ...
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Chinese grammar could be learned without learning

People believe that second language learners need grammar to speak and write, thus almost every language programs have more or ...
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Mandarin and Chinese: Are They the Same Language?

Mandarin and Chinese are both the same and different languages. Historically and politically, they are considered the same. But linguistically ...