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21 Essential Chinese Phrases for Newbies and Travelers

Whether you are an beginner at Chinese, a traveler planning to visit China or places like Hong Kong and Taiwan where speak Chinese, or maybe you are looking for ways to connect with your Chinese friends, knowing the basic Chinese words and phrases can be incredibly useful.

Let’s get started with our list! You can’t expect to start a Chinese conversation without knowing some words and phrases for greetings. There are 21 useful Chinese phrases and sentences listed for you.

Thank you!谢谢!xiè xie
You’re welcome不客氣。bú kè qì
Hello你好。nǐ hǎo
How are you?你好吗?nǐ hǎo ma ?
OK/Good好 /hǎo
Not OK/ Not Good不好bù hǎo
I’m fine我很好wǒ hěn hǎo
And you?你呢nǐ ne
May I ask…请问…qǐng wèn
Have you eaten?你吃了吗?nǐ chī le ma ?
I ate吃了chī le
I’m sorry对不起duì bu qǐ
Good morning早安zǎo ān
Good Morning早上好zǎo shang hǎo
Good Evening晚上好wǎn shàng hǎo
Good Night晚安wǎn ān
I’m…/My name is我叫…wǒ jiào…
Pleased to meet you很高兴见到你hěn gāo xìng jiàn dào nǐ
I’m extremely grateful非常感谢fēi cháng gǎn xiè
I’m sorry to trouble you麻烦你了má fan nǐ le
No problem没问题méi wèn tí

To be continued…

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