Meet the Team and Our Chinese Teachers

David Long

David is one of the first and most successful Automatic Language Growth (ALG) Thai learners in AUA, and he is also a successor to Dr. Brown, notable for originating the ALG approach to language teaching. His passion stems from caring deeply about what he does or where he works and being personally invested in and motivated by its mission.

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Dicky Huang

A real charmer, gentleman and jack of all trades. Dicky dabbles in many Magic Ship projects ranging from sending email invitations to servicing our affiliate program. He has a heart of gold and never refuses when asked for help, even if he has his hands full.

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Daisy Ly
Captain of Marines

To be known for a smile and warm person. Daisy Lee always listens and shows a lot of affection and enthusiasm in her behavior toward others. She used to give attention to every student and personally helped the weaker students to build up their confidence. She likes to explain the lessons by using real-life examples which made it easier for the students to understand. Daisy Lee loves to spend her time chatting and traveling with children.

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Josephine Liu

Josephine is a language lover, travel lover, and culture lover. She is also a specialist in intercultural communication. All of her students come from different countries and variety cultures, and she knows how to deal with students’ language problems via his/her cultural backgrounds. She loves to share her daily life from cultural perspective on her social network platforms. Josephine’s Wonderland is open  everyone.

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Ryan Hsu

As a Chinese-English bilingual teacher, Ryan's source of joy comes from seeing his students grow in their language capacity. He feels fulfilled by connecting people through languages and communication. His dream is to build a community where people share their love for languages.

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Steven Beatty (Pei Hua Lung Chung)

A dual citizen of the United States and Taiwan, Steven excels in teaching both Mandarin and English, Chinese-to-English translation, and student advising. He has advised over 50 high school students, taught close to 500 students, and translated 7 Chinese books and countless Chinese articles into English. Aside from being an online Mandarin tutor, Steven currently works as a private English tutor, an online English tutor for Like English, and a volunteer for the Secretariat of Taichung City Government.

Mario Liu
Esther Liao
Doreen Liu
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Mindy Li
Minna Huang
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