Meet New Friends and Grow Your Chinese with Us

Feeling lonely can have deep impacts on language learners, and the problem existed long before COVID struck. Magic Ship provides a platform for Chinese learners to connect with people and grow their Chinese automatically. Login to start your Chinese journey with us. If you are not a member yet…

Learning Club

For independent learners, you can join our learning club. We have timetable and progress for you to learn with other peers. All the resources (textbook pdf and audio file) are free. You will learn the designated part weekly by yourself and share with others. Click the button to register as a free member for learning club.

ALG Mandarin Class

There are also paid ALG Mandarin online class for you to take. You can take a free trial first. Just fill the application form, and you will be invited to join the class. Click the button to get your free trial.

Learning a new language could be effortless and relaxed, and what costs you is some time (and some money). You can grow with us starting with one free trial (1 session) or buy 12 sessions (80 USD). For other options, you can check here.