Suggested Learning Hours based on Your Chinese Language Proficiency

Before joining our class, it is important for us to know your level of Chinese proficiency. Please complete the application form as much details as possible so that you can get the right levels of class. The content of our classes are designed for different levels of Chinese learners, and they can be correspond to different guidelines and standards, like TOCFL (Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language ), CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), or TBCL (Taiwan Benchmarks for the Chinese Language).

ALG ClassesEstimated HoursCEFRHSK 2.0HSK 3.0TOCFLTBCL
Beginner-1100A1-Level 1Band 1Band NoviceLevel 1
Level 2Band A Level 1
Beginner-2100A1Level 3Level 2
Beginner-3100A2Level 4Band 2Band A Level 2Level 3
Intermediate-1100B1Level 5Band 3Band B Level 3Level 4
Intermediate-2100B2Level 6Band 4Band B Level 4
Intermediate-3100C1Band 5
Band 6Band C Level 5Level 5
AdvancedUnlimitedC2Band 7-9Band C Level 6Level 6
Level 7

You can check more details how these guidelines related to our classes on the following pages: TOCFL, CEFR, HSK, and TBCL.

The estimated hours for each Chinese learners are varied by learners’ language background, which means required hours might more or less than the numbers in the table. Learning a new language is a dynamic process, so you are always free to move from one level to another level after discussing with us.