Level Description of TCBL (Taiwan Benchmarks for the Chinese Language)

The TCBL (Taiwan Benchmarks for the Chinese Language) and ALG Mandarin Class

The ALG Mandarin Class has been designed to align to full TOCFL (Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language ), CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), or TBCL (Taiwan Benchmarks for the Chinese Language) spectrum from the very beginning. The TCBL sets out seven levels of foreign language mastery, and our class is aligned as such:

ALG ClassesEstimated HoursLevelDescription
Beginner-1-2150Level 1Able to understand and use simple words and phrases relating to one’s daily life.
Beginner-2-3150Level 2Able to understand simple words/phrases and short sentences having to do with one’s daily life. Able to converse with others using simple words/phrases and sentences.
Intermediate-1100Level 3Able to understand short conversations, discussions and instructions, such as are found in public areas, schools, and the workplace. Using short and complete sentences, able to describe experiences, have conversations with others, and conduct simple discussions.
Intermediate-2100Level 4In various situations, able to understand lengthy discourses on familiar topics, whether the discourse is in the form of a conversation, speech, discussion, or audiovisual media content. Able to express one’s feelings, state one’s point of view, have a discussion, and give a speech, using connected sentence clusters.
Intermediate-3100Level 5Regardless of the situation, able to understand the points of view expressed in texts embracing a wide variety of themes. Able to express a viewpoint, summarize important points, make observations, or write creatively, in fluent passages as part of a well-structured essay.
AdvancedUnlimitedLevel 6Regardless of the situation, able to understand the viewpoints and hidden meanings of texts that take many different forms and that cover a wide variety of topics. Able to use written Chinese to compose essays having a complete structure, essays that accurately state a point of view, summarize important points, make comments, or are a form of creative writing.
Level 7Able to understand the content of complex subject matter and the perspective of professional fields. Able to express one’s views succinctly, write commentary, and write creatively.

You can also check more details how another guidelines related to our classes on the following pages: TOCFL, HSK and CEFR.