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Breaking the Stereotype: How Learning Mandarin Can Be Fun and Exciting

Learning Mandarin, like learning calculus or organic chemistry, can be challenging and intimidating. Often, others will say that it’s too difficult, which can make it easy to hate the learning process. However, a formal classroom setting isn’t the only way to learn Mandarin.

Unfortunately, if your language class is filled with endless grammar or vocabulary drills, it’s easy to become disenchanted with the language. However, we can look to how children learn a new language in an immersive environment for inspiration.

In the following setting, the teacher only speaks Mandarin (the target language), and the children follow instructions to complete various tasks. They don’t learn the language through tedious grammar drills or rote memorization. Instead, they simply enjoy the process of learning and acquiring a new language.

Learning a new language through an immersive environment may work for children, but it is not suitable for adult learners. However, ALG (Automatic Language Growth) offers a solution by providing an immersive language class for adults. Our approach is to engage learners in comprehensible inputs that are appropriate for their level of cognitive development. This allows learners to understand the content and immerse themselves in a Mandarin environment.

To get started with our program, you can register as a free member and join our online classes. As you progress, you can choose to pay for more classes to further improve your Mandarin skills. With ALG’s approach, you can enjoy the process of learning Mandarin and achieve fluency in the language.

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