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Mastering the Art of Greetings: Essential Phrases for Chinese Beginners

This table is a fusion of introductory phrases and expressions from two Chinese language textbooks, “Integrated Chinese” and “Modern Chinese.” It provides a comprehensive list of basic greetings and polite expressions commonly used in everyday communication. These phrases are essential for beginners learning Chinese and serve as a foundation for further language study.

The first section of the table includes basic greetings and classroom-related phrases, such as “Hello,” “Hello, teacher,” “Goodbye,” “Class starts,” and “Class ends.” These phrases are written in both traditional Chinese characters and simplified Chinese characters, along with their respective Pinyin (Romanized pronunciation) and the corresponding English meanings.

The second section focuses on polite expressions and gratitude-related phrases, such as “Thank you,” “You’re welcome,” “Sorry,” and “It’s okay.” Once again, all expressions are provided in traditional and simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English translations.

By combining content from two different textbooks, this table offers learners a broader exposure to the language, accommodating both traditional and simplified character learners, and providing them with a range of ways to express basic greetings and polite expressions in Chinese. As learners progress, they can build upon this foundation to develop more advanced language skills and conversational abilities.

Traditional ChineseSimplified ChinesePinyinMeaning in English
你好!你好!Nǐ hǎo!Hello!
老師好!老师好!Lǎoshī hǎo!Hello, teacher!
上課。上课。Shàng kè.Class starts.
下課。下课。Xià kè.Class ends.
謝謝。谢谢。Xièxiè.Thank you.
不客氣不客气Bù kèqìYou're welcome.
沒關係。没关系。Méi guānxi.It's okay.

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