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Cracking the Code: The Six Writings of Chinese Characters

One of the most fascinating legends about the origin of Chinese characters revolves around Cāng Jié, the official historian of the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor wasn’t satisfied with the ancient method of using knots on ropes to record information, so he challenged Cāng Jié to come up with a brand new writing system. For […]

Unveiling the Tapestry of Taiwanese Culture: Exploring its Richness and Challenges

Originally, I thought that searching for “Taiwanese Culture” on Google Scholar would yield a plethora of textbooks and philosophical articles, just like “Chinese Culture.” However, upon taking action, I discovered that there is still a lack of systematic introductions to Taiwanese culture. Perhaps we shouldn’t try to understand Taiwanese culture from a systematic or holistic […]

Discover the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs and Their Chinese Names

The concept of the new year is celebrated differently in various parts of the world. While January 1st is regarded as the start of the new year in many places, it is not the same for those following the lunar calendar, which is based on the cycles of the moon. The Chinese New Year, for […]

Maximizing Your Stay in Taiwan: Understanding the Employment Gold Card

If you’re planning to visit Taiwan, you’ll need to obtain a visa beforehand, and the Taiwan Employment Gold Card may be the best option for you. The card was introduced in 2018 as part of the “Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talent,” a government initiative aimed at attracting highly skilled foreign […]

Kung Fu and more Martial Arts in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC): Mixed Martial Arts

You might be familiar with Kung Fu. Do you know Mixed Martial Arts? Mixed martial arts (MMA), sometimes referred to as cage fighting, no holds barred (NHB), and ultimate fighting, is a full-contact combat sport based on striking, grappling and ground fighting, incorporating techniques from various combat sports including boxing, kickboxing and martial arts from […]

Four Great Bodhisattva in Buddhism and Their Chinese Names

In Buddhism, a bodhisattva is any person who is on the path towards Buddhahood. In Mahayana Buddhism, a bodhisattva refers to anyone who has generated bodhicitta, a spontaneous wish and compassionate mind to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. Throughout Asian, there are four widely revered Bodhisattva, each symbolizing different aspects of […]

What is Five Eyes (FVEY)? and who are in FVEY? Country names in Chinese

Five Eyes (FVEY) conducts a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics. Is it a right move? or a silly show? What is FVEY, and who are FVEY? The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA […]

The 2021 WTA Rankings (Doubles individual) Tops and Their Chinese Names

The WTA Rankings are the ratings defined by the Women’s Tennis Association, introduced in November 1975. The WTA rankings are based on a 52-week, cumulative system. A player’s ranking is determined by her results at a maximum of 16 tournaments for singles and 11 for doubles. Do you know who are on the WTA Rankings […]

Extreme Weather and Climate Change in Chinese

One of the most visible consequences of a warming world is an increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events. Emissions from the burning of fossil fuels have been trapping heat in the atmosphere since the start of the industrial era. As a consequence, average temperatures have risen by 1.2C. Climate change influences […]