What Are the Five Precepts?

The Five precepts or five rules of training is the most important system of morality for Buddhist lay people.

Five precepts  in Chinese
Five precepts in Chinese

The five precepts are as follows:

  • 不殺生戒
  • 不偷盜戒
  • 不邪婬戒
  • 不妄語戒
  • 不飲酒戒

  • 不杀生戒
  • 不偷盗戒
  • 不邪婬戒
  • 不妄语戒
  • 不饮酒戒

  • Abstention from killing living beings Kindness and compassion Right to life
  • Abstention from theft Generosity and renunciation Right of property
  • Abstention from sexual misconduct Contentment and respect for faithfulness Right to fidelity in marriage
  • Abstention from falsehood Being honest and dependable Right of human dignity
  • Abstention from intoxication

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